Caring for employees is people-oriented

2022-11-23      Hits:948

     In order to ensure the health of the company's employees, stimulate their enthusiasm for work, enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, build a harmonious internal environment, and enhance the health awareness and physical quality of employees, Dongguan Fanrong Screw Mold Co., Ltd. invited doctors to come to the company to organize the health examination of all employees in batches recently! Employees participating in the physical examination consciously and orderly lined up for various examinations, and from time to time raised relevant health questions. The physical examination doctor patiently answered and made suggestions. Group photo after physical examination!

     This physical examination encouraged the employees of the company, deeply felt the company's care for employees, and reflected the company's business philosophy of people-oriented and caring for employees. We will take this care to actively participate in the future work and life!

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