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Dongguan Fanrong Screw Mold Co.,Ltd,its former name is Jingcheng Screw Mold Factory.Our company is the 1st company who exported the foreign equipment.We studied and learned the Japanese technique/service experience.We use the exported steel to make our molds.

Our company established in July,2001,with the support from customer and supplier,we choose this strategy,where is the screw factory,where is Fanrong.Up to now,we have 11 brach factories.The workers/staffs are over 300 persons and supply our service for over 2,000 customers.All customer sing high praise for our quality and service.Today,Fanrong is the biggest company in this field in China.From 2010,we have began to develop the foreign market,it include Southeast Asia,Middle East and central Asia.We have representive office in Indonesia and Vietnam.In 2016,we came onto the European market and developed vigorously.

During this two decades,we apply ourself to the research and development and manufacture the screw mold.Now,we are the copmany who have a wide range of products and provide the one-stop service.Our products,including but not limited to these tools:thread rolling die,Multi station cold forging die,finished punch,and so on.Our products are widely used in precision electronics,communication,sedan,aerospace.

Fanrong is the 1st company who passed the ISO9001:2008 in this field.We have the vacuum heat treatment equipment.We set up the QC department and have precise inspection device.

We adhere to this faith "manufacturing with heart,serve with honesty".All of us belive it and put into practice. Our pursuit is creating value for all customer.

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